I guess I should introduce myself….

My name is Matthew Quilliam, and I am an enthusiastic player of the ukulele and a singer as well.

To be precise, I own seven ukuleles, each with a different sound and style that they suit and therefore I can achieve a broad repertoire in my performances. I mostly have what you could call ‘regular’ sounding ukuleles, but I also am in possession of a baritone ukulele and several banjo ukuleles/banjoleles. To find out more about my repertoire, visit my “About Me” page.

I am mostly a solo performer but I like to join forces with other musicians from time to time to see what we can come up with! My sets are not a typical one man act singing a couple of pop songs; I like to add comedy, variety and originality to my routine. I will sing George Formby style comedy music, then I’ll play a fun version of a song from the 1980’s perhaps, followed by an instrumental jazz piece from the 1920’s while I tap dance to it and do a little juggling act!

I’ll do any kind of gig that is thrown at me – I can do a mixed up routine or if I’m asked to, I can just specialise in a particular genre or style! I will take almost everything that I get a chance to as I just love performing and entertaining.

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