Assessments and Awards

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A Matthew Quilliam Music Assessment is a chance for a professional ukulele player to informally but critically asses your playing and offer you constructive feedback. Open to all ages and abilities, these music assessments are great alternatives to stressful graded examinations.

Those who might find these awards particularly useful are self taught musicians, those who cannot afford regular tuition, or those who are not ready or willing to pursue a graded approach to assessment. There are NO set pieces or specific requirements. 

Simply record yourself performing what you want to be assessed and submit! Then, wait for Matthew’s extensive, detailed and professional feedback and certificate to give you something to show for your hard work.

To find out more, please download read the full instructions and conditions here:

Matthew Quilliam Music Medal Instructions and Conditions 04022021

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Once the performance has been assessed, extensive, detailed and constructive feedback will be provided, exploring the performer’s technique, style, sound and overall successes and weaknesses. The participant will not receive a score or a grade, but a certificate will be awarded.

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