Team Building

Music is one of the best platforms through which people can connect, collaborate and form bonds. Matthew Quilliam’s new interactive course ‘Ukulele in a Week’ provides the perfect musical experience for groups looking to learn and achieve together.

With the ability to run in-person or online, the course is aimed at corporate events, well-being and mental health weeks or birthday and anniversary parties.

Over the course of a week, Matthew will host three live sessions, taking participants through the very basics of ukulele playing using his expert knowledge and life-long experience. By the end, everybody will be able to play just enough to perform one song as a group ensemble.

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Timetable and Costs

The ideal class size is around 10 participants. Smaller groups are accepted, but larger groups can be split into separate classes.

Each class will receive 3x 40 minute live sessions with Matthew over the course of a week (normally Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Each session costs £50, bringing the total to £150 for the course.

Lesson Plan:

  • Session One: posture, basics of strumming and fretting
  • Session Two: chords and learning the song
  • Session Three: preparing for performance and consolidation
  • After the three sessions:
    • Option A) a live group performance session can be arranged for the whole class to perform as one to colleagues, family and/or friends.
    • Option B) participants will be sent a backing track to record themselves playing along to, and Matthew will edit everybody’s parts together to make a virtual band video. Both these optional opportunities  come at no further expense.

Please note that ukuleles are not provided by Matthew in this course, though affordable recommendations can be provided upon request. See below for more information.

Total Costs*:

3x live sessions: £150, £50 per session
Live Performance/Virtual Band Video: Free
Ukuleles: not included but cost estimated at £24 per unit on Matthew’s recommendation

*Prices do not include any travel, food or accommodation fees Matthew may encounter which will need to be covered in full as well.

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