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The ukulele originates from Hawaii, famous musically for its relaxing and sweet tones. Matthew can perform an extensive repertoire of classical, jazz and Hawaiian music, perfect for the background of functions and dinners, art installations and galleries, or summer parties. He can also perform instrumental versions of more contemporary hits in the same style, bringing an original twist to some of your favourite tunes. The atmosphere created will be one of ease and friendliness as Matthew soothes you with his ukulele.

“An absolutely perfect addition to our meal”

Anon. at The Merlin, Derby, 2019

Alternatively, Matthew is a classical musician and can perform classical repertoire on the ukulele with . As a composer he is currently composing some original classical ukulele repertoire his first sonata for ukulele and piano as well. Matthew will soon be setting up another website where he will be sharing his new music for the world, to inspire arising ukulele players to become composers and virtuosos. 

Performances are typically periods of multiple hours. They are totally flexible and are up to the discretion of the venue and organiser. For this reason, fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, so please get in touch for more details.

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Matthew performing some traditional Hawaiian music at part of a showcase in Farnborough, October 2018

Cover photo: Matthew provides some Hawaiian music for the Pallant House Art Gallery in Chichester, October 2019
Video: Matthew performing  in his garden on a sunny afternoon, April 2020
Bottom photo: Matthew performs some early 20th century American ukulele music at a showcase in Farnborough, October 2018