Livery Stable Blues The Dixie Six perform the first piece of jazz music that was ever recorded at a concert in Chichester. This lively piece is full of humorous surprises and features a great line up of musicians. Livery Stable Blues by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, 1917 Banjolele: Matthew Quilliam Trumpet: Chloe Harvey Saxophone: Hannah Spires … Continue reading Livery Stable Blues

Original Ukulele Music Showcase with Matthew Quilliam

Matthew will be performing a showcase of original music for the ukulele, featuring some traditional Hawaiian music, some early jazz and some more contemporary music by living composers. Join him for an evening of online music to celebrate the history of the ukulele. So far, works will include those composed by Choan Galvez, Sam Muir, … Continue reading Original Ukulele Music Showcase with Matthew Quilliam