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Matthew is available for workshops at festivals or clubs. He can offer a wide range of services, offering sessions that look in detail at specific topics from both a theoretical and a practical stance.

Handouts are available for participants to take home and study.

Festivals Matthew has held workshops at include Bracklesham Ukulele Weekend, Shrewkfest, Isle of Wight Ukulele Festival, Windsor Ukulele Festival and more…

Unlike other teachers, Matthew’s main instrument is (and always has been) the ukulele, meaning he understands the instrument better than most. 

Choose from a wide range of workshop topics, or customise your own to suit the abilities and requirements of the class. Every topic is considered

Ukulele groups of all levels taught, from complete beginners, intermediate level to more advanced

Thanks once again for an excellent delivery of the workshop today.  It is always difficult to pitch education/training when you really have no idea of the competences of the folk attending … I thought you ‘helicoptered’ very well on content to cater both for the beginners and those that may have more experience

Mark Handel, about Matthew’s workshop at the Isle of Wight Ukulele Festival 2021
  • Play Like George! – advanced – an introductory overview and breakdown of the syncopated rhythms that made George Formby such a well-loved and remembered ukulele player.
  • Hawaii, Hawaii – advanced – an demonstration of how Hawaiian ukulele players may typically voice chords, strum in patterns and add ornaments to their playing, as well as a look into how the history of Hawaii has impacted native musicians over time.
  • Absolute Beginner – beginner – helping people pick up the ukulele for the first time and coming away with some basic skills needed to play a song and develop their learning
  • Introduction to theory – beginner/intermediate – a basic introduction to some useful concepts of music theory that can supplement your ukulele playing and allow you to delve deeper into musical understanding
  • How to compose – different versions taught for all levels – compose instrumental music or create new songs using your ukulele
  • How to jam – beginner/intermediate – a look into a way we might be able to start recognizing some building blocks of music to allow us to play from memory or jam along without looking at any music
  • Focus on expression – intermediate – how to go beyond playing every song in a song book the same by adding colour, variation and interest to one’s playing through dynamics, articulation and control.

Workshops are typically 1 hour in length. Choose from a list of popular topics or tailor a unique workshop to fit your event.

“This is wonderful, Matthew. EVERY Formby-style player who has trouble bridging learning the basic strokes and playing polished solos should study this. It’s what we’ve all been after. Heading to your Paypal tip jar to say “thank you”. Still only a third of the way through but it’s already invaluable.”

Simon Rose, on Matthew’s George Formby YouTube video workshop, May 2020

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