Berkshire’s Got Talent Success!

On Saturday 16th April, I won first place in the Queen’s Oak’s “Berkshire’s Got Talent” event! I am really pleased to have won this competition and the fantastic prizes.

The evening consisted of eight acts – mostly musicians, but there was a spectacular magician, Dean Leavy, who almost won, and in my opinion, he deserved to get a good reward too! Another act, who deserved a mention too, was Emma and her bassist, Steve! They were really good and they’ve got a gig at the Queen’s Oak soon!

My slot went down really well, with a HUGE sing along as my finale, with an extra 4 encores at the end! I was really amazing and honored to receive such a big hand and a good audience! The prizes are: A gig at the Queen’s Oak on the 30th July, a 3-track CD to be made for me, a filmed music video of one of the track and a cute trophy for me too!

Look out for everything coming soon!


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