May Update

First of all, thank you to all those at Listen Up! Berkshire music fair! It was a great day for music, playing and listening. I look forward to making use of the opportunities that were presented that day!

The main point of this post is just to say that my exams are now well underway and it’s non stop until June 16th. On the plus side that means that it’s less than a month until I can plan and announce my gig dates for the summer of 2017! Watch this space as there is something pretty exciting being planned for the end of the year!

Despite this I can confirm a few upcoming gigs already. These are:

Tuesday 20th June – Acoustic Couch Showcase, Bracknell
Monday 3rd July – Acoustic Cafe Showcase, Bracknell South Hill Park Arts Centre
Saturday 19th August – WEYFEST, Surrey
Saturday 9th September – Yateley Cask and Cork Festival 2017


Photograph courtesy of Tim Bastock

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