August 2017 Update

We are well and truly in to the summer season of 2017 which means it has been busy for me! I’m about halfway through my planned performing season, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be playing beyond those dates. Please see my performances page for further updates.

On Saturday 28th October I will be playing my own gig for a full evening down at the Rose and Crown in Sandhurst! The night should be a great night out full of live music, laughter and entertainment. It would be really good if we could fill out the pub to get as many of you there as possible!

Other significant events in my diary are the WEYFEST and Cask and Cork festivals. WEYFEST is a family friendly event in Surrey at 5:30 on the Rustic Stage and the Cask and Cork festival is a drinking festival where I will be playing on the Saturday evening. Both festivals are terrific and are really worth visiting for the whole experience (and not just me, of course!)

I have recently done a handful of concerts for sheltered housing accommodations, performing all the old-time numbers. It was great to see so many smiles and hear so many voice singing along to the sounds of yesteryear. I love doing those evenings and afternoons so thanks to them. Below is a video showing a snippet of the action there and as you can see, the atmosphere is wonderful!

To conclude, I would like to say thank you to everybody who has heard me and appreciated me at my performances and an even bigger one to those who have returned for more! The support is great and I hope to see you at the Rose and Crown on Saturday 28th October.

Matthew Quilliam


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