October Newsletter


Welcome to the October edition of my monthly newsletter. Coming up I have my latest news, videos, Christmas and performance information and more!

My main event this time is the Halloween Beer Festival at the Rose & Crown in Sandhurst. I will be officially debuting my live backing band. Come along for two hours of live music and comedy, and of course: beer!

The reason I am taking a band with me now whenever I do large shows is that they are raising money for a trip to Cambodia. The trip will involve four weeks of projects in order to enrich the lives of those in poverty in a Cambodian community. There will hopefully be a collection bucket out for donations so please give generously.

Since the last newsletter I have been going to Farnborough Sixth Form and I am enjoying every minute. I am studying music, film and geography and I’m having an amazing time. Almost a month after we started the first concert for the music scholars is on Tuesday 10th October and will feature a line-up of classical and contemporary performers. Tickets are available at this address:


Other performances for this month are:

*featuring band

I am looking to get myself a few Christmas gigs as well, so stay tuned for information on the seasonal period.

If you are looking for a ukulele teacher, or know somebody who is considering learning to play, I now offer ukulele lessons in my home in Yateley. This is an exciting announcement and I look forward to meeting lots of new faces. For more information on prices and offers please visit:


I am glad to be announcing that I will be doing a monthly livestream on Facebook. The first one was a success so I will be making it a regular thing. This is a platform for you to come and enjoy my music for an hour or so free of charge and get a personal performance tailored to what you suggest in the comments section. It also gives me the opportunity to play some songs I wouldn’t normally play live at a gig so do make sure you are there every last Sunday of the month.

Finally, every newsletter coincides with the release of a brand new video. Be the first to see this month’s which can be found here:


Thank you for reading and for supporting me in my music


Yours faithfully

Matthew Quilliam

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