December Newsletter


Welcome to the December edition of the Matthew Quilliam newsletter and the final instalment for 2017.


We say this every year, don’t we, but nevertheless hasn’t time passed?! So much has happened in this year but at the same time it feels like no time at all! While it is good to reflect on the past, I am always looking forward to new things that the new year holds.


The next edition of this newsletter will not be released in the usual slot of the 1st day of the month as with the New Year it will be impossible to get anything run. Stay tuned the following week when we have all calmed down and I can announce what’s new for 2018.




November saw me on my tour of Poland (more on that below) which was has been the highlight of the month and year for me. I also had the pleasure of supporting BBC’s Children in Need where I played ukulele at the West End Social Club. Thank you to the club for having me.


Performances for this month so far confirmed are:



The release of this newsletter falls just too early of the announcement of my SEASONAL SHOW DATES. These will be announced in the coming week as details are finalised. Please check here to keep updated.




I have written a musical! As well as music I love drama and film making and so I am putting on production of my very own original musical. There will be a film of it put out next year for you to watch on YouTube for free! This is an exciting and new project for me and I am looking forward to its response.


Poland Tour


From 16th – 19th November, I was in Poland with my college. We performed at the nation-wide annual Chopin Festival where we all performed on piano or on vocals two pieces, on by Chopin himself and another of our choice. For such a classical style in music it was surprising to see so many young people interested in the music and us as English people. We visited a school too where we helped some students learning English how to have a general conversation which was such a good experience. To read more on the trip, please see that article below which includes the news story we were featured in on Polish television!

A video of Matthew’s performances in this festival can be seen here, as this month’s video:

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

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