Gig: July Open Mics

Julie’s Open Mic Nights

Where: Miner’s Arms, Mychett
When: Thursday 12th July 8:30pm
Tickets: Free entry

Matthew will no longer be attending July’s Julie’s Open Mic Night

Poppy’s Folk Club

Where: Hawley Leisure Centre
When: Friday 13th July, 8:30pm
Tickets: Donation

Peacock Farm, Bracknell, Open Mic: Abi Powells Presents…

Where: The Peacock Farm, Bracknell
When: Wednesday 18th July, 7:30pm
Tickets: Free entry

The Queen’s Head Open Mic

Where: The Queen’s Head, Farnham
When: Thursday 19th July, 8:30pm
Tickets: Free entry

The Acoustic Vault at Broad Street Tavern

Where: The Broad Street Tavern
When: Wednesday 25th July, 8pm
Tickets: Free entry

Vic’s Buskers

Where: The Bat and Ball
When: Thursday 26th July, 8:30pm
Tickets: Free entry




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