Bookings 2020

Now taking bookings for garden gigs any time in Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire/West Sussex for pubs, clubs, festivals or events. Totally self-reliant musical performer with battery powered amps and microphones able to create a great atmosphere to attract more guests whilst remaining suitably safe.
When Matthew makes an appearance at a concert, festival, pub or party, his musical comedy set is always a highlight for an audience, no matter the occasion. His virtuosic musicianship combined with his great sense of humour gets the audience singing, laughing, watching in awe and dancing along to a fine selection of comical songs from past decades and more recent years. This is not a traditional covers performance, more a trip down memory lane to explore some of the best British forgotten, obscure, absurd, hilarious or feel-good gems of years gone by, whose timeless humour will cause many a giggle.
To see more, please visit or watch the video below.

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