Shrewkfest: Shrewsbury Ukulele Festival

Shrewkfest returns with a bang! This amazing weekend-long ukulele festival boasts it’s most extensive and talented line-up of artists yet.

There will be numerous workshops and performance stages featuring showcases from international headliners to local talent.

The Matthew Quilliam Show will be appearing at 7:30pm on Saturday 30th July and delivering two workshops, to be announced.

Visit the Shrewkfest website:

Timeless humour and unmatched virtuosity make for this awe-inspiring show; a class act, popular at festivals, theatres, pubs, parties, cruises, weddings, hotels and more!

Matthew’s fantastic musical comedy set is always a highlight for an audience, no matter the occasion. He gets the audience singing, laughing, and dancing along whilst they watch in awe.

This is not a traditional covers performance; more, a fine selection of the best forgotten, obscure, absurd, hilarious or feel-good British gems of years gone by.

“…worth the ticket price alone”

Shrewkfest attendee, 2018

For more on Matthew:

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